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Advisory Services
Investment Advisory
Investment Due Diligence: nDimensions is well experienced and skilled in conducting due-diligence for the purpose of investment into companies or awarding projects to NGOs.
Investment advisory: With our grassroots experience and deep understanding of small businesses in India we provide insightful advice to our clients on where or how to invest their capital for getting the expected financial and social returns and managing the risks associated with these investments, both individually and at portfolio level. Our advice includes the details of instruments to be used and their exact structure.
Micro Finance Portfolio Analysis: nDimensions analysts have good experience and are very competitive at analyzing the lending portfolios of microfinance institutions. 
Management support for investment vehicles: nDimensions also provides administrative and management support for investors to manage their investment vehicles and to take care of Indian regulatory compliance issues.
Strategy Consulting
Design and implementation of programs/initiatives: As strategic consultants our team is skilled in designing innovative programs/initiatives for our clients. We also provide further support in terms of implementation of the programs in case our clients don’t have the required capabilities.
Developing Business, Marketing and Operation Plans for Social Enterprises: nDimensions team has good experience and required skill-sets to develop detailed business plans, or marketing/operations plan for social enterprises. We work closely with the founders to convert their vision into executable plans, while providing strategic insights and advice.
Design and implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility programs: We structure and implement corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs in alignment with the vision and mission of companies, so that these programs can serve a dual purpose of social welfare and company’s profit line.
Technical Assistance: nDimensions has all the skill sets, processes and resources required to design and implement technical assistance projects at companies and NGOs.
Technical Advisory
Knowledge Management and Communications services: To enhance its portfolio of offerings, nDimensions has acquired some knowledge management and virtual communications professionals. Their offerings will include interactive website development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), design of communication material, development and management of MIS and newsletter services.
Grant/Investment Proposal Drafting: Our team is skilled in drafting project proposals for NGOs and other organizations to apply for funds from government and other funding sources.
Project/Annual reports: Our analysts are highly skilled at preparing reports for NGOs and social enterprises on projects or initiatives for communication and/or compliance purposes.
Assistance in FairTrade, Organic and other industry certifications: We analyze which industry certifications are required for the growth plans of our clients. Then we help our clients prepare for obtaining these certifications.
Technology licensing services for social enterprises: nDimensions has developed relationships with technology companies and brokers in US who license technologies to organizations in developing countries in sectors like agriculture, manufacturing and ICTs.
Energy, environment and corporate governance audit: Our team is well skilled to conduct due-diligence and audits of organization for their energy efficiency, environmental compliance and corporate governance as per the popular standards.
Social audits: We conduct sustainability and social audits as well as social compliance audits which monitor and measure your organization’s progress against relevant indicators and benchmarks (ie. SA8000, AA1000)
Online/SMS (for mobile phones) based survey tools: We have tools that collect data through optimally targeted online surveys, analyze the data, and prepare reports by using a set of statistical methods to determine trends and patterns.
Mobile/smart phone based communication and tracking system: We implement systems for monitoring and communicating field teams through mobile/smart phones. These systems have been found very effective to increase productivity of their field teams for surveying, political campaigns and management of sales teams
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