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Research & Analysis
Research Assistance
Survey research and interviews: nDimensions team has conducted 300+ large surveys (with an average of 3000+ respondents) during last 5 years in 16 states of India, mostly in rural areas. Our expertise is in robust execution of these survey exercises so that we get unbiased results. We have dedicated project teams with extensive experience and on-the-ground knowledge for 16 states in India.
Focus Group Discussions: nDimensions has extensive experience in conducting Focus Group Discussions in a wide array of settings. Our clients highly regard the insights delivered to them through these exercises.
Control Group Studies: nDimensions is very well placed in terms of its experiences to conduct tightly controlled comparison studies for research projects in socio-economic, policy and health research
Economic Research & Analystics
Monitoring and Evaluation: nDimensions team has very good training and experience in conducting monitoring and evaluation studies in both the participatory and external evaluation mode for both individual projects and integrated multi-component development programs.
Indicator development: Our team has had experience and good training in developing assessment frameworks/systems, and easy to measure and independent indicators for measuring complex phenomenon.
Impact assessment: Well versed with the state of the art methods and tools in measuring impact of any intervention over time, we are reliable partner to be assigned such jobs.
Risk assessment: With the collective experiences of nDimensions team, we have developed a very good understanding of different types of risks faced by the development projects and social enterprises. This helps us greatly in assessing and quantifying the risks involved.
NGO Ratings for credit, integrity and processes: Along with one of our affiliate organization, nDimensions is planning to implement an NGO ratings framework which had been designed in-house.
Geographically mapped representation of results and data analysis: We have developed a GIS application engine with allied applications in practically every domain involving geographical distribution of large amounts of data. For e.g., Impact   assessment studies conducted by the government, economical background of households etc. Our software also enables data representation on GIS/Google maps, perpendicular and parallel sorting of huge amounts of data for classification, report generation and data analytics.
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